Head of Sales (full-time)



Head of Sales (full-time)

Company description

EQUITY X® is a FinTech start-up developing equity valuation software for financial reporting which enables CFOs, finance directors, treasurers and controllers to transform financial statements to equity valuation reports (incl. market insights) whose quality is the same as or higher than ones from financial institutions for 5 – 30 mins/report at a fraction of costs with lower operational risks. EQUITY X® won the first prize at Startup Grind Europe 2017. As a result, EQUITY X® raised from high net worth individuals, executed an agreement with S&P Global to feed data automatically and globally in 2018, and is going to launch the high-quality product this December. EQUITY X® is looking for Head of Sales with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to help clients to transform finance and accounting departments to strategic, analytical, and data-driven powerhouses which embrace digitization and drive performance. All of us are highly motivated entrepreneurs – a former investment banker, a full-stack developer from

an investment bank, a former global head of development from a top-tier bank, an award-winning front-end developer and an excellent product designer – to deliver significant values to clients.


Level39 in Canary Wharf, London

Job description

You will lead the full sales and marketing lifecycle: planning, execution, monitoring, analysis and optimisation. You will have high levels of responsibility in the highly challenging but rewarding environment. Your network with CFOs, finance directors, treasurers and controllers would add values to EQUITY X®.

Specific duties

Sales planning

o Conducting market research and competitive analysis;
o Creating corporate messages;
o Leveraging research for brand architecture and positioning;
o Creating a standardized outreach for clients and coordinating its implementation across sales channels, client management, and marketing and communications;
o Developing weekly, monthly, and annual sales plans, strategies and targets (e.g. segmentation, competitive analysis, market intelligence, pricing, promotions, and revenue generation and growth); o Developing and implementing robust sales processes – pipeline, account planning, and proposals; o Examining growth opportunities (e.g. CFO conferences); and
o Setting KPIs and measuring the success of marketing and creative campaigns.

Customer acquisition

o Building relationships with CFOs, finance directors, treasurers and controllers from scratch;

o Running trade show exhibits to attract prospective clients;
o Speaking at trade shows to deliver proper messages to right audience; o Arranging one-on-one meetings with clients;
o Showing product demos and explaining how EQUITY X® works;
o Listening to clients;
o Writing meeting minutes;
o Discussing legal arrangements with CEO;
o Incorporating clients’ needs and feedback into license agreements;
o Closing deals;
o Asking early adopters to provide reviews and testimonials;
o Monitoring revenue pipelines and leads, adjusting as necessary;
o Tracking results;
o Finding improvement opportunities;
o Optimising sales and marketing operation; and
o Ensuring that sales teams meet weekly, monthly, and annual targets.


Relationship management
o Finding, developing and leveraging industry experts who have time, money, expertise and connections with CFOs, finance directors, treasurers and controllers to build an advisory board; o Maintaining and strengthening relationships with existing stakeholders;
o Creating and maintaining a solid network of strategic partnerships with other data vendors;
o Adding new sales channels and third-party resellers;
o Creating weekly newsletters from scratch and circulate to stakeholders; and
o Overseeing the media relations (incl. social media and all methods of advertising).

Sales team building
o Building a highly efficient team of sales professionals; and
o Arranging training sessions with third parties and mentoring the sales team.

Online presence
o Co-working with developers to update information and contents, maximizing visitor conversion;
o Creating a best in class social media presence empowering stakeholders to spread the brand virally; o Designing and coordinating promotional campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts; and
o Co-working with a film maker to create a video.

o Building brand awareness and ensuring that all communications align with the brand;
o Handling corporate communications to deliver a brand-consistent message; and
o Heightening brand awareness in the community and marketplace at the national and global levels.

Product advancement
o Acquiring reliable and comprehensive feedbacks on user experiences from enterprise clients; and o Advising developers on the design and product for better user experience.

o Reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer on status of what you have done every day.

Key requirements

o 5+ years of experience in enterprise software sales o Strong entrepreneurial spirit
o Never satisfied with the status quo
o Team worker

o Goal and results oriented
o Unwavering commitment to integrity and professionalism
o Strong passion about equity valuation and game changing technologies in financial services o Network with CFOs, finance directors, treasurers and controllers

o Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
o Experience selling to CFOs, finance directors, treasurers and controllers
o Proven ability to cold e-mail and cold call enterprise clients
o Proven track record of sales planning, sourcing, closing deals and achieving sales targets o Proven track record of building satisfied, loyal and referenceable enterprise clients
o Economics, Accounting, Finance degrees or related

Nice to have

o Good time management skills
o Experience working for financial data vendors
o Experience recruiting, developing and retaining high performing sales talents


o Annual cash salary: £36,000 – £60,000
o Sales commission: (up to) 5.0% (e.g. £1.0m×5.0% = £50,000)


o Stock option as annual bonus: (up to) 2.5% / 5 years