Marketing and Branding Lead

Fintech Payments

CardAlpha is an early stage fintech start-up, currently under development, to meet financial needs of SME businesses. CardAlpha is in a pre-revenue stage and is based at Level39, the fintech community at Canary Wharf, London. CardAlpha will enable small businesses to accept card payments, hold business funds securely in a digital account, make payments via electronic transfers and a business debit card. SMEs transacting on the CardAlpha platform will also access business loans, at competitive rates based on their transaction history and credit bureau records.

Job Summary

Build CardAlpha’s social identity via digital channels on platforms and key stakeholder communities including customers, partners and investors. Drive home, important attributes of the CardAlpha proposition which will relate to how the platform enables SME merchants to accept electronic payments, manage business banking and obtain business finance in a frictionless and cost efficient manner. Finally, drive user growth via search aggregation, price comparison and referral campaigns.

Job Type / Category

The Marketing & Branding Lead will be a member of the founding team and is expected to initially contribute 60-80 hours in a month towards CardAlpha’s Marketing and PR initiatives and will be compensated via start-up equity only. The contribution and role may potentially change to a full time position with normal working hours and incremental benefits, post later stage funding and full commercial rollout of CardAlpha.