Marketing & Operations Lead (part-time)

Fintech Payments
Content Marketing Operations
The candidate will work closely with the CardAlpha team in executing marketing, branding and content
development initiatives and will also double hat by providing support in merchant facing operational tasks
including merchant on-boarding, ongoing communications with merchant, issue resolutions etc.
• Build CardAlpha’s brand, social identity and positioning via digital channels on platforms and key stakeholder communities including customers, partners and investors.
• Build the CardAlpha brand proposition and drive home, important attributes of the CardAlpha proposition which will relate to how the platform enables SME merchants to accept electronic payments, in a frictionless and cost efficient manner.
• Design, execute and manage user growth by generating leads via online search engines, price comparison and referral campaigns. Use analytics tools ( Google & Facebook analytics etc) to build daily performance metrics to track efficacy of campaigns.
• For the initial period of CardAlpha’s beta launch leading up to the first institutional funding round, manage operational tasks for
on-boarding and setting up new merchants on the back-end systems, engage in communications with CardAlpha’s partners and merchants to enable successful on-boarding and interact with merchants in the form of a community lead on a community site (built either on Facebook or an alternative site).
• Managing operational activity will lead to a closer understanding of user experience in early stages of the launch and is expected to feedback into better product development and marketing communications activity.
The Marketing & Operations Lead will be a key member of the start-up team and is expected to contribute 80 hours in a month towards CardAlpha’s Marketing, PR & Ops initiatives and will be compensated via a cash allowance (up to £700 pm) & equity options (with the compensation package weighed towards equity options) as the business is in beta launch and fundraising stage. The contribution and role may potentially change to a full time position with normal working hours and salary benefits, post later stage funding and full commercial rollout of CardAlpha.
Eligibility/key success criteria:
• At least two years of hands-on marketing, branding and/or PR experience in a commercial organisation
(experience in handling commercial or operational responsibility will bea definite plus)
• Solid understanding of how to design & execute content marketing strategies & marketing funnel
• Ability/Aptitude to adopt a sleeved-rolled up approach to writing marketing/advertising copy and content in initial days of beta launch and scale-up
• Robust working knowledge of digital marketing tools and solutions – Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook advertising, SEO optimisation, knowledge of any web development tools
• Demonstrate a passion for quality, an eye for detail and going the extra mile – these are necessary qualities for delivering in a high performance / high pressure start-up environment
Hours: 80 hours per month
Location: London (preferably) or UK (working remotely)
Contract length: 6 months
Application deadline: 31/12/2020
Job Types: Contract, Part-Time, Industrial Placements