Product Designer/Product Manager

Energy Smart Cities
Design Developer

Company Description

Utilidex is looking to change how the energy & finance industry operate.  For many years, the industry has being crying out for its “Apple moment” – where a revolutionary company comes in and changes the game, and we want to be the company that does that. 

With a growing customer base, we are on the right path for growth, but now we need more talented, driven, passionate people who want to be part of a revolution.  We know our people have to care as much about our customers and about making a difference as we do – and we hope that person is you!

In our next phase, we plan to grow the business within the UK, and also look to expand into other geographies.  We want you to be a key part of the team that does that.

Key Responsibilities

As the company is flexible, we need our team members to be comfortable in a range of responsibilities and competencies. The role will include the below responsibilities with the opportunity to further specialise and advance your career.

  • Product design
    • Analyse value of technical developments for end-customers
    • Design/Wireframe the new product
    • Work closely with the development team to steer the product
    • Think innovatively with technology
    • Data manipulation & visualisations
    • Participate in product roadmap discussions with senior members within the organisation
  • Testing & quality management
    • Communicate product updates to customers & engineering teams
    • Define the strategy for weekly releases and priority order for customers
    • Demonstrate the product to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Customer pre-sales
    • Work with the sales team to develop the product road-map around customer needs
    • Conduct gap analysis of the product
    • Attend customer meetings
  • Customer on-boarding & support
    • Assist in data preparation when on-boarding customers
    • Manage complex projects involving internal and external stakeholders

Candidate Profile

At Utilidex we place a lot of stock in the person and their behaviours, and what they want to do in life.  We’re very interested in how you can demonstrate the following behaviours – because we think these will be crucial to your success:

–          What’s your craft?  What are you the best at – what do you want to be the best at?  How does that help you in this role – how will it make you love this role?

–          How are you a challenger?  Where have you gone above and beyond?  How have you demonstrated time and time again, a willingness & drive to do better?

–          How do we know you’re ambitious?  How can we see from your experience, your ambition and drive to do better.  Not just in the big things, but week in & week out?

–         How do we know you a love learning?  Our business needs to move quickly.  What do you do to keep current, stay on top of things – always looking to do & be better in your craft?

Key Skills & Traits

We are interested in working with people who have developed some of the following skills and are excited about the opportunity to further develop.

  • Analytical thinking
  • Data manipulation, analysis, visualisation
  • UI/UX development
  • Significant interest in technology
  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Microsoft Office
  • Confidence
  • Takes initiative
  • Attention to detail

Our Commitment

As part of the role you will have the opportunity to work in a global team comprised of individuals with unique experience. You will work closely with Leadership Team and senior members within the organisation daily. We will take a keen interest in helping you develop into business lines that you are passionate about and have routine ‘catch-ups’ and feedback sessions.

Utilidex offers a competitive salary and benefits package.