Senior Full-Stack/JavaScript Developer


AubayUK based in London-Canary Wharf are looking for a Senior Full-Stack/JavaScript Developer on the CONTRACT side (6-month rolling).

The role is with our Multinational and prestigious Client based in London-Canary Wharf and their Trading Department.

Daily tasks/responsibilities:      

“General certification on Scrum – (e.g. PSCM I, CSM, IKM Agile Process Management etc.)                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Full Stack Developer will be responsible for developing applications using Node technologies  such as Vue.js and Node.js for the different use cases.  He/She will share ideas, issues, risks and concerns with the development team and escalate to the DevOps Manager as required.

The Full Stack Developer will estimate time taken for User Stories and Tasks in planning as well as attend daily scrum meetings and hold demos with the team to shape the visual delivery of the product as well as demonstrating to business stakeholders.

The Full Stack Developer will use agreed tools/techniques for coding and storing code in a GIT library as well as using agreed tools to manage User Stories and Tasks. He/She will be required to follow an agreed change process to deploy code continuously and follow change process for change requests to be added to Backlog.

Role deliverables:

Full applications on JavaScript, using Node.js and either Express with Pug templates, or Vue or Angular.js front-ends.  The person will be working on multiple small proof of concepts in the digital space, with work ranging from:

  • Back end data extraction via web scaping or database extracts and then transforming, and populating the data into a database like a data lake. Requires understanding of Node.js, and Express
  • Front end app design using CSS, Bootstrap and other HTML templates with integration of JavaScript back-ends on Node.js via REST APIs, or similar.
  • Working independently with product owners to document their own stories of requirements in VSTS.
  • Automation testing using JavaScript test frameworks that follows a BDD pattern (Given-When-Then)
  • Integration of the backend services with monitoring frameworks like Splunk dashboards
  • Knowledge of AWS or Azure containers and serverless functions to deploy the solution.

Essential Functional, Product or Domain Expertise:

  • About 5-10 years of JavaScript experience is required in this role.                                          

There are certain qualities and character traits we seek in our people and these are aligned with our company values:

  1. Commitment: doing what it takes for lasting results.
  2. Together: combining our expertise to create smarter solutions.
  3. Driven: personally aiming high and wanting better.
  4. Smart: being innovative and open with ideas and using common sense.
  5. Passionate: about what you do for the company
  6. Attitude: positive at all times, we are in customer service
  7. Aptitude: think outside your comfort zone to create solutions from nothing
  8. Motivation: striving to be better than before
  9. Trust: your colleagues and manager will expect you to earn this and retain it
  10. Integrity: thinking of others and striving for excellence

Please send your CV to and/or connect via LinkedIn Agnes Siekierska