Kit Malthouse welcomes L39’s Future Cities Announcement

Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse leant his support to Level39 & Asset Mapping’s recent announcement, which aims to encourage innovation in smart-building technology. 

The Deputy Mayor applauded the scope of Level39 and Asset Mapping’s project, lauding how the agreement aims to make London a smarter city.

“Level39 is one of the initiatives helping us meet future opportunities in London by providing an innovative space for businesses to create, test, market and deliver technologies that will help businesses to meet the demands of the future.”

As a result of this collaboration with Asset Mapping, Level39 will be able to map the health, location and status of building devices. In other words, we will be able to see how well our air-con, security and other devices are performing. Our team will work in collaboration with Asset Mapping to help better monitor our energy consumption and the performance of our assets.



In addition to increased visibility of our assets, the Asset Mapping platform enables us to create an environment for smart city technology development between Level39 member companies and others.

Eric Van der Kleij, Head of Level39, welcomed Kit Malthouse’s words of support, and added that private sector should lead the development of smart cities technologies.

“The onus should be on businesses as well as government to drive city innovations, and we think that by inviting our community to explore and collaborate using the Asset Mapping platform, we can help shape some new thinking and opportunities in future cities technology.”

Eric marked the difference between infrastructure and ‘infostructure’ – the sensor networks that make the intelligent monitoring of city-infrastructure possible – and welcomed the Asset Mapping platform to Level39.

“It is only when a city upgrades or installs the right “Infostructure” and becomes smartly connected that it can start to think about becoming an efficient ‘Future City’. Asset Mapping’s technology enhances this connectivity, and that is why we are delighted to host Asset Mapping’s platform here at Level39. “

Bill Clee, Founder and CEO of Asset Mapping, is keen to collaborate with other techies.

“The future of Future Cities will be driven by open, non-propriety ecosystems, and the creation of a joined-up approach to the development of future cities technologies. That’s why we are very keen to work with other technologists on this project.”

If you are interested in the development of future cities technologies, you can get in touch with Bill Clee at


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