L39 member AllianceBlock and Holo announce a strategic partnership

Level39 member AllianceBlock has announced a new partnership with Holo, a distributed P2P hosting platform so that AllianceBlock can build its social network of investors and its collective intelligence.

AllianceBlock are building an all-in-one decentralised, community-driven investment and financing ecosystem which uses deep learning, probabilistic programming and optimal transport theory.

Rachid Ajaja, Co-Founder of AllianceBlock added: “One of the pillars of our platform consists of a rating system; where each user maintains its user data. For this part, we were looking for a DLT to host high scalable network features. After meeting David Atkinson at a gathering in 2018, we discovered the brilliance of the agent-centric protocol of Holochain; where each agent maintains its personal hashcode; better known as Distributed Hash Table. Not only will the peer maintain its data sovereignty, but this will also enhance the scalability of our platform”.

Find out more about the partnership here.


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