L39 member BuzzStreets begins crowdfunding campaign for £450,000

BuzzStreets, a B2B tech solution for mapping and navigating complex environments, is seeking to raise £450,000 through a Seedrs campaign to grow their presence and bring their technology to new markets. 

As part of our 2014 Cognicity Programme, BuzzStreets demonstrated incredible creativity and expertise in delivering navigation solutions which are suitable for the enterprise. Their solution could be re-moulded and white-labelled to work in airports, shopping malls and Level39.

Here’s a video walkthrough of BuzzStreets in action at various locations including at Level39:

The unique aspect of BuzzStreets is its ability to pull-down unstructured data, such as traffic data, flight information – and deliver the end-user relevant offers when approaching retail outlets.

These types of analytics also have application for public services and understanding how users move around locations.

Find out more about BuzzStreets through their Seedrs campaign here:



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