L39 member CityFALCON launches crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs

Level39 member CityFALCON has launched a crowdfunding campaign this week on popular platform Seedrs with an aim to raise £150,000.

Already have raised more than £500,000 the business is now valued at almost £6m.

CityFALCON has been a member of Level39 for more than three years, forming partnerships with leading institutions such as BNP Paribas, Raifeisen Bank, IEX Stock Exchange and several fintech companies.

The platform transforms unstructured financial content into structured data using natural language processing and machine learning. The data can also be accessed via voice platforms and chatbots.

Ruzbeh Bacha, CEO of CityFALCON said: We’ll always have a free version for our users to access publicly available content, and we’ll charge only for the content we have to compensate the owners. Our premium version will provide users with content that’s usually behind paywalls and other non-public content from hundreds of sources in one affordable subscription.”

Find out more about and participate here.


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