L39 member Manigo launches: kicks off crowdfunding campaign

Unveiling the world’s first digital money platform for consumers, businesses and merchants Manigo is a new business being launched by Level39 member Stevan Bajic.

Unlike a number of other payments solutions on the market, Manigo’s USP is its integration of various services – aiming to simplify the user experience and decrease costs for customers across the ecosystem.

As mobile banking booms – so does the proliferation of various apps and standards. Manigo is offering an alternative to it all – a digital money service layer – a single interface for businesses and consumers.

The pinnacle of Manigo is the mobile app. Combined with a MasterCard debit card, the app enables multi-currency accounts, social payments, messaging and budgeting all combined.

To find out more visit Manigo’s website here, and check out their crowdfunding campaign here.


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