L39TV: “If you’re good at making money, do it for other people” – Darwinex

Darwinex CEO and co-founder Juan Colón talks about a basic principle of trading on the stock markets – if you have a talent for making money – you should be helping other people to make money, too. 

At Darwinex, talented, independent traders share their strategies on a regulated platform – while receiving the financial backing of investors.

Hear more from CEO Juan Colon, below.

The business, which has offices at Level39, takes its name from the grandfather of evolutionary science Charles Darwin. The exchange lets any investor tap into the ‘evolution’ of the traders who are taking part, invest more and allow their money to grow.

The business is now preparing for a new funding round – for more information get in touch with them on Twitter @darwinexchange or at www.darwinex.com


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