Level39 member BABB to create first bank based on permissioned blockchain

BABB – a Level39 startup creating a permissioned blockchain-based banking platform, has revealed to the world its ambition to create a bank focused on social connectivity and greater transparency.

The BABB app is connecting users together P2P while still facilitating financial transactions. Crucially, users don’t need to fill out reams of documents and reference checks to open up account – in a world first, they can simply open an account using voice and face biometrics – a selfie and a soundbite, in other words.

Guido Branca, CEO of BABB App Ltd commented: “I believe BABB’s plan to bring banking services to everyone, through the blockchain and the latest mobile technology will both provide new features not seen in the high street banks and include many who have been excluded from the traditional financial system. The Company expects to soft launch the app Q2.”


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