Level39 member BTL works on project with Visa Europe Collab

BTL, the Level39 member which runs a blockchain-based remittance service, is working with Visa Europe Collab to explore cross-border payments between banks using distributed ledgers.

The business, which has offices in Vancouver, Canada and here at Level39, is using its Interbit technology with Visa Europe Collab to explore how blockchain technology can reduce the friction of domestic and cross-border transfers.

Visa Europe Collab is now inviting a small number of European banks to participate in the project, alongside BTL.

This proof-of-concept is a first of its kind in blockchain-based settlement – and we’re delighted our member BTL is at the forefront of the opportunity.

For more information, check out Visa’s blog on it here:

And click below to watch CEO Guy Halford-Thompson speaking to L39TV earlier about the business and the projects they’ve been working on:


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