Level39 member CityFALCON pilots with Raiffeisen Bank International

Level39 member CityFALCON has partnered with Raiffeisen Bank International to pilot personalised financial content in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) markets.

Raiffeisen Bank International is a lead corporate and investment bank in Austria and has retail and other banking operations in CEE markets. The bank has been working closing with FinTech start-ups to improve its offerings to clients.

CityFALCON work with the bank to provide their teams access to the hard-to-find content in CEE markets. After aggregating the content, they focus on providing the same personalised experience that they provide to their retail clients to the users at the bank.

CityFALCON also works with other selected FinTech companies in the Raiffeisen ‘Elevator Lab’ program: group-wide accelerator program, first launched in June 2017.

CityFALCON provides personalised (not general) financial news and content for investors, traders, and anyone accessing financial news and content. They leverage natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, voice and chatbot technologies.


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