Level39 members CityFALCON and Huddlestock team up on stock data

Huddlestock and CityFALCON, both Level39 members, have teamed up to strengthen their proposition of empowering people with access to financial markets.

Huddlestock opens up the hedge-fund world for everyone by crowd-investing investment ideas, collaborate in making decisions and even set-up their own funds in a simple, intuitive and transparent framework.

CityFALCON provides crowd-sourced, crowd-curated, real-time news and tweets for a user’s portfolio.

With this partnership, Huddlestock users now get access to relevant news updates as they relate to their stock portfolio, covering more than 100+ online financial publications.

CityFALCON’s proprietary algorithm rates each story and author to identify relevant stories and to remove all the noise. For Huddlestock users, this means that they have the option of receiving news as it happens on each stock in their portfolio, allowing them to take quick decisions and become better investors.

Hear from the founders, Murshid and Ruzbeh below:


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