Level39 Members featured in The Banker Tech Talk series

Level39 members BABB, BCB Group, Eligible.ai, WiseAlpha, Capexmove have been featured by Joy Macknight for The Banker. Among their interviews the Tech Talk series includes editorial opinion, reports from international meetings and interviews with key figures in global finance.

The members shared insights on their businesses and areas of interest including views on a decentralised banking system, cryptocurrencies, challenges to digitising mortgages, how artificial intelligence improves the customer experience, solutions for institutional investors, the lending market, benefits of applying blockchain to the debt capital markets and more…

Tech Talk: interview with Leonard Seelig, BABB

Tech Talk: interview with Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, BCB Group

Tech Talk: interview with Rameez Zafar, Eligible.ai

Tech Talk: interview with Rezaah Ahmad, WiseAlpha

Tech Talk: interview with Dario Scarcella, Capexmove


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