Level39 mentors launch co-living for entrepreneurs: StartupHome

Level39 mentors Stefano Tresca and Nicolas Steiner along with partner Damian O’Toole have launched a home in London catering for entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups: StartupHome. 

The flagship home is in Greenwich, a Georgian mansion with garden, conservatory, several bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms and a dining room fashioned with its own bitcoin ATM.

The home is now currently working with corporate partners who can sponsor a space within its walls, giving each home a particular ‘flavour of the month’.

The team are now looking to develop sector-driven homes including a ‘Women in Tech’ house as well as a ‘Makers’ House’ – designed for entrepreneurs and businesses operating in the 3D-printing industry.

Sophisticated investors are invited to learn more about the project – StartupHome are offering a number of investment options, including an option to invest in bitcoin.


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