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#MeetOurMember: Pollen

Benji Wakeham, Founder of Pollen, a Level39 member and international mass payments company, discusses why the world needs his platform. www.pollen.co.com

#MeetOurMember: Bankable

Rashee Pandey, Marketing and Communications Manager, Bankable, discusses why the world needs this range of payment solutions for corporates, banks and retailers.

#MeetOurMember: ignitr

Farid Tejani, CEO and Founder, ignitr, talks about why the world needs his bespoke business and digital accelerator.

#MeetOurMember: Meniga

Christian Ball, Global Head of Sales and Managing Director, Meniga, talks about the personal financial management tool that's disrupting the world of financial services.

#MeetOurMember: Financial Market Rank

Arjun Hassard, Managing Director, Financial Market Rank, talks about making raw financial talent measurable and discoverable.

#MeetOurMember: Growth Intelligence

Tom Gatten, CEO, Growth Intelligence, talks about trade, economy, sales and how his business fits into all of the above.

#MeetOurMember: TransferGo

Daumantas Dvilinskas, Co-Founder and CEO, TransferGo, talks about remittances, blue-collar workers and why the world needs his service.

#MeetOurMember: Mangopay

Cassie Craddock, Country Manager (UK), Mangopay talks about the payment solution dedicated towards marketplaces, tailored for collaborative consumption and crowdfunding.

#MeetOurMember: Trunomi

Stuart Lacey, CEO and Founder, Trunomi, talks about KYC, data sharing and how Trunomi solves these issues.

#MeetOurMember: CityFALCON

Ruzbeh Bacha, Founder and CEO of CityFALCON, discusses market data distribution and democratising access to financial data.

#MeetOurMember: myPINpad

David Poole, Business Development Director, myPINpad, talks about payments security and the benefit of PIN authentication systems for the consumer.

#MeetOurMember: eToro

Yoni Assia, Founder and CEO at eToro, talks about empowering everyday people to trade, copy top traders and utilising the power of social to overtake institutional trading.

#MeetOurMember: PensionMandate

Liviu Morariu, co-founder of PensionMandate, talks about intelligence for institutional investors and how this supports business development and marketing departments.

#MeetOurMember: DealGlobe

Lin Feng, Founder and CEO at DealGlobe, talks about his background, working with large financial institutions, the M&A industry and how his business works with British and Chinese economies.

#MeetOurMember: Remitia

Samantha Glass, Director of Communications and PR, Remitia, talks about using buyer payment data as a means of increasing the velocity of money to SMEs in the supply chain.