LEVEL39TV: Meb Faber talks Copy-Trading

“If you have enough monkeys flipping coins, some may get heads twenty times in a row”

Meb Faber, the internationally renown specialist in capital markets, took the time to chat with Ben Goldsmith at Level39 this week. Meb touched on the key issues that emerge at the convergence of tech and trading: robo-trading, copy-trading and social-trading to name three.

The interview is well worth a watch, Level39 member eToro receives a couple of name-checks! Below are some of Meb’s more resonant quotes…

– On copy-trading: “Most investors aren’t willing to spend the time or effort to research these ideas, but there’s a lot of value there”

– On social-trading: “Most of the tech innovations that are built to enable retail traders to trade more usually end up horrific for the retail investor”

– On Investors: “Investors spend more time thinking about where they are going for dinner then their retirement investments or how they trade”

– On robo-trading: “No matter what, humans will always be programming the robots”

– On tech’s place in trading: “Tech can help us come up with an objective investment process… the question is: when someone loses all of their money, will they just shut off the computer?”

More of Meb’s wisdom here.



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