#MeetOurMember: AinFin

The recently-formed startup based at Level39, AinFin, sat down with Level39TV to discuss the philosophy behind the business and to mark the occasion of raising £200k in seed investment.

Dr Joy Braun and Dr Linus Etube, CEO and COO of AinFin, sat down to explain AinFin: the mobile-network agnostic, multi-channel, cross-border technology providing financial services to the unbanked.

They also discussed Ainfin’s  e-money product Swifin, its relationship with regulated financial institutions and local banking partners providing a democratised banking service.

The seed investment will  fuel AinFin’s ambition to provide global access to transactions services. In a couple of weeks, Swifin service will see its first African market entry, Uganda, where the company aims to make a difference to the lives of many individuals and local businesses.

Swifin has forged a partnership with the world-class and progressive pan-African bank, Ecobank, to roll out digital transaction services across the African continent, starting in Uganda.

Dr. Joy Braun, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of AinFin comments: “AinFin delivers this service in the most cost-efficient, effective and secure manner. We aim to  enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals who otherwise may not have had any prospect to access financial services.”

Dr. Linus Etube the Chief Operations Officer and co- founder added some comments on the good news: “The seed funding is a great beginning for us. We aim to see actual transaction levels reach an exponential growth within a few months after roll out. Swifin is more than just a service that addresses a significant market gap it also offers opportunities for global multi-currency transactions capability.


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