#MeetOurMember: ClauseMatch – making documents fun

In this edition of #MeetOurMember we sat down with ClauseMatch – the document collaboration platform which has most recently launched publicly to great acclaim while announcing a partnership with Barclays.

When you’re talking documentation it’s easy to think of this as a minor issue – but when banks are working on millions of documents a year – most of which contain some of the institution’s most pressing and important information, contracts and procedures  – you can understand why proper management is critical. That’s probably why Barclays recently selected ClauseMatch as a partner for working on their documents.

CEO Evgeny started ClauseMatch in 2012 to help streamline and optimise the process of working on documentation – giving the content-owners visibility of their documents, while saving them time through a real-time, collaborative platform.

We asked Evgeny to provide his insights into a bankers biggest nightmares – the risks and regulations which are keeping the bankers up at night – and how to approach those challenges.

The team has worked closely with the FCA in their TechSprint hackathon – and in other projects – to shape the future of regulation-based technology. In this episode of #MeetOurMembers we asked Evgeny what it’s really like working with the UK’s financial regulator. Watch the episode below:


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