#MeetOurMember: Doreming – empowering workers in real-time

Level39TV recently sat down with Doreming – a Japanese business based on our High Growth Space: 24 – to talk about their payroll tech which allows employees to draw down on their salaries as soon as they’ve worked.

The business was recently crowned as the first Japanese startup on KPMG’s Fintech 100 list, named as an Emerging Star in the listing.

With offices in Level39, San Francisco and Fukuoka, Doreming is the creator of a  real-time payroll system linked to mobile payment systems.  Watch Country Manager Tomo Nakamura talk about their recent award, and their ambitions in our L39TV segment below:

Before Doreming came to life – it started out as a solution to help so-called ‘internet cafe refugees’ in Japan. Those who lived in internet cafes which were open 24/7. Those people, were mostly temporary workers – people who had lost their homes and jobs during the Lehman crash.

As a solution to this – Doreming created a real-time salary transfer system for people to transfer their salaries to their bank accounts as soon as they’d finished working for the day. Employees were happier – and employers saw an increase in retention rates.


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