#MeetOurMember: Huddlestock

Ever dreamt of running your own fund?

Perhaps with Huddlestock, a Level39 member focused on disrupting the traditional investment model, that might just be a possibility.

We sat down with Murshid Ali, Huddlestock’s CEO, to find out how that platform is putting smaller investors into investment ideas normally reserved for hedge funds.

By pooling capital before investing, Huddlestock delivers lowers investment fees and incentivises finance professionals to use the platform.

Watch Murshid talk about the platform below:

The platform pays these professionals based on their performance while the pooling effect opens the doors to potential investors, who have been locked out of the financial markets due to high fees and the complexity of investing.

Having Norwegian roots, the team is made up of Murshid M. Ali, Phd in Economics and CEO, Michel van Tol, Phd in Financial Econometrics and CIO, Nick Gains, programming oracle and CTO, and Øyvind Hovland, serial entrepreneur and Chairman. Huddlestock has already got a lot of media attention from Finansavisen in Norway, and Euromoney in London.

Click here to find out more about Huddlestock.


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