#MeetOurMember – Obrela: It’s not if you get hacked, it’s when

Based in Athens, Greece with a – meet our newest member Obrela.  Obrela is the one-stop shop for an organisation to strengthen its cybersecurity credentials. 

Headed up by cybersecurity expert George Patsis, Obrela are keeping organisations safe in the wake of highly-damaging cyber attacks they face regularly.

With their flagship product SWORDFISH – they’re automating an organisation’s compliance process with a web-based solution. SWORDFISH allows clients to manage their security framework, enforce management, operation and technology security controls and more under a single console.

Obrela is a 28-person team with 50 customers dotted around the world – now they’re setting up in Level39 to grow their base in London.

George is a seasoned cybersecurity expert with a proven track record in developing and implementing large-scale security programmes for Fortune 500 companies – watch him below talk about the prevalence of cyberattacks and how Obrela are responding:


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