#MeetOurMember: SalaryFits – a new channel for employees

Level39TV sat down with Delber Lage, CEO of SalaryFits to talk about a new mechanism for connecting the payroll information of workers to financial institutions – enabling informed access to traditional financial services products for workers. 

Born in Brazil but now exported to the UK, Europe and India – SalaryFits is an alternative to the traditional personal loans market. A solution to those who face trouble with having access to credit lines.

A cloud-based solution, SalaryFits isn’t just for those without access to financial services, the un- and underbanked. It’s a new mechanism for institutions to connect with employers, HR departments and ultimately the workers.

We asked Delber Lage a few questions: Is this a tool for the unbanked only? How does the tool translate from Brazil to the UK? Watch his interview below:


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