#MeetOurMember: The Thalesians

Level39 member The Thalesians, are a think tank of dedicated professionals with an interest in quantitative finance, economics, mathematics, physics and computer science.

Established in 2008 by Paul Bilokon, Matthew Dixon and Saeed Amen, the group has now gone on to expand into the United States, launch a widely-read blog and go on to release their own book.

Watch Saeed below talk about what the Thalesians have achieved so far:

Saeed and the co-founders regularly appear in the media commenting on price trends, stock markets and economics. Most recently, Saeed spoke on Bloomberg TV below about the potential sell-off of Saudia Arabia’s national oil company, ARAMCO. Click the picture to watch the full interview.


Also read Matthew Dixon, co-founder of The Thalesians, write in the FT about machine learning in trading here.


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