Alphademy is a technology-driven trading academy. We apply neuroscience technology to identify the best trading strategy for each trader, mapping his own personal thinking process to build a trading system that fits his mindset.

Our system allows us to identify, measure and evaluate the social skills, cognitive capacities, digital and emotional intelligence of each trader. Measuring our user’s risk profile we can provide a completely new learning experience based on personal attributes.

We offer useful features that improve your Trading Performance to accomplish your most ambitious objectives, professionally and personally. All you need in one place, Alphademy creates the best learning experience for you.

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  • Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement. Keep learning, keep growing.,
  • RT : Level39 member is looking for early adopters to test their MVP as part of their Ambassadors Program. Get access to the tools and features Alphademy offer and enjoy the benefits of becoming Ambassador. ,
  • Socially-Responsible Trader - Personality ESTP: Like to trade on gut feelings, specially when a trade feels consistent with their value system and conscience. Focused on their loyalty to social values and individuals are important to them.
  • Successful trading through personalised learning, powered by AI. Get early access to our MVP and test our tools to improve trading performance. ,
  • Administrative Trader - Personality INFJ: Focused on managing their trading business efficiently. They can stick to a trading plan and keep good records. They are realistic, practical, and decisive. Good at following trading plans.

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