AinFin Ltd, formerly Swifin Global, is a financial technology company that enables both the banked and unbanked to participate in a truly distributed banking service through a state of the art, open digital financial transaction services platform. AinFin, through its innovative financial technology, supports all types of local and cross border payments, enabling efficient execution of national and international transactions and commerce, for a better, more efficient flow of funds in the economy.

Transactions are enabled via multiple channels to allow financial inclusion, making the product attractive and a compelling proposition for many emerging market countries with inefficient payments systems, such as that in Africa and most of Asia, but also in developed markets where a more effective link of banking services with that in less developed markets becomes highly beneficial for business growth.

AinFin technology allows for a flexible design of financial instruments to be implemented, including credit and targeted spending, a critical feature for remittances, peer-to-peer transactions and for the transaction needs of major international development agencies.

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