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AllClear ID was founded in 2004 by CEO Bo Holland, a visionary entrepreneur who has been delivering innovative technology solutions to the financial sector for more than twenty years.

Today, AllClear ID is the leader in customer security, providing data breach response services to businesses that aim to protect their greatest asset: customers. As an industry leader and trusted partner with more than 10 years of specialized experience in data breach response, AllClear ID has helped thousands of businesses prepare for, respond to, and recover from data breaches, including successfully managing three of the four largest and most complex breach responses in history. The award-winning AllClear ID team is recognized for its expertise, customer service, and innovative solutions.

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  • AllClear ID is proud to be the badge sponsor for this year's r00tzAsylum at DEFCON 26, teaching kids white-hat hacking / coding to better the world. Find out more: ,
  • Do you notice any dark patterns? Know your rights! ,
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  • We're hiring! Join our team of creative, enthusiastic software professionals. Our growing team has positions in software, quality and operational engineering. Apply today! ,
  • AllClear ID Launches AllClear Fraud Alerts™ with Credit Monitoring. Fraud Alerts make it difficult for thieves to open new accounts by requiring creditors to take extra steps to verify the identity of the applicant before opening an account. Learn more: ,

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