We are Altermeliora, a company that develops IT solutions for the health and wellness industry. In 2020,our company joined the Vexor Trade team, combining our knowledge and expertise on the online learning experience.

Our mission is for anyone ( whether a fitness coach, ballerina, cook, or English teacher) to be able to share their experience and expertise through a personal online school that is engaging and informative.

Our aim is to develop innovative online education platform for a wide range of users in the global EdTech market. Our platform empowers anyone with the ability to launch their own online school in just 10 minutes.

Our solution gives online businesses a jump start by taking advantage of our team’s extensive knowledge in programming, marketing, and finance.

We create and implement solutions that help change people’s lives for the better

Our small team works remotely, using the Scrum framework. Our stack includes React, Redux, NestJS, REST API, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and the Google Cloud Platform.

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