We are an international software house experienced in working with both established corporate clients and fresh start-ups.

– 192+ Apps developed

– 120+ Applifters

– 46+ Clients

– 6 Years on the market

Save time and money – We put you in direct contact with a skilled developer. We speak your language, process requests faster and understand your business.

Gain transparency – We provide you with access to a real-time cost overview throughout the project. We charge for our work by the hour. No surprises at the end of the month.

Expect more – You get more than just a software development partner. We can also assist you with hiring experts, validating your ideas, knowledge transfer and much more.

Latest Tweets from @applifting_io

  • Got precious little time to waste on hunting down something sweet? Or perhaps you’ve left all your cash at home? Solve these issues once and for all with your own snack bar and our app for easy management. ⬇️
  • A week full of creativity at Applifting has reached its goal. We have coloured in 100 flames on our notebooks for as a gift to the kids. Together with each notebook, we have donated 500 CZK to the organization, resulting in a total of 50,000 CZK.
  • What problems need to be tackled first before we can release our Fridge app as a commercial product? Our colleague Roman will tell you how he cracked the case using the guided tour method, in a live case study on our blog. ️
  • How do we manage to use the iterative approach and implement experimental marketing? Our colleague Jakub focuses on specific examples from practice in his next article. Have you had any experimental successes or failures? Share it with us.
  • We have decided to make the new school year a bit more enjoyable for the kids from . Applifters have coloured in a hundred flames on our notebooks as a gift to them. ️ What's more, we have donated 500 CZK to the organization along with each notebook. ❤️

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