Assure Hedge

AssureHedge is a fintech company based in Dublin and London providing automated currency hedging solutions.

We enable individuals and businesses to protect their future foreign income. The company is authorised by the FCA. AssureHedge takes what is the long, time consuming, and cumbersome process of hedging foreign currency risk and simplifies it into a user-friendly web based platform.

The 3 step quote-generation process is simple: The customer chooses their currency, amount and duration that they have exposure for. Innovative proprietary algorithms instantly select the most efficient combination of risk management instruments. Based on a few simple criteria, a premium is calculated and margin added with the total price presented to the consumer, creating a much simpler process than before.

Latest Tweets from @assurehedge

  • EURUSD has managed to stabilize and take back the 1.14 level with the pair currently trading slightly below that. Suffice to say this is a crucial point for the Euro. Look out below if it fails to hold here. Lots of data out tomorrow too and all eyes on Turkey. Can't wait! ,
  • RT : How else will it affect UK-Irish trade? ,
  • Euro is trading down to 13-month lows against the dollar as risk-off trade takes hold in Europe. With very little economic data out today all eyes on Turkey to guide the trading day. ,
  • I wonder would Specsavers be angry if we started using a 'Should have gone to Assure Hedge' slogan? ,
  • The Euro has had a rough night with concern over banks exposure to Turkey and Russia after the latest sanctions from Washington. The Dollar rallied as investors took flight from riskier assets with the Yen also strengthening. ,

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