The Authlete OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect solution enables organizations to build secure application services and APIs faster and quicker. By relying on Authlete to provide critical security functions, developers can focus on building more powerful applications and rapidly delivering them to market.

Leveraging Authlete’s dedicated solution, developers can save weeks or months implementing and maintaining authorization functions. An authorization server can be up and running in just three clicks, giving our customers a key time-to-market advantage.

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  • This article describes how client authentication on OAuth / OpenID Connect token requests works using Authlete. Its unique architecture minimizes customization and configuration changes in authorization servers to support various authentication methods.
  • Authlete supports client_secret_jwt as a client authentication method so that authorization servers can enable it. This article describes overview of the method and setup instructions with Authlete.
  • Authlete's brochures, datasheets and white papers are publicly available. Find out an overview of Authlete and its advantages over other traditional solution.
  • Scaled Access has published a whitepaper on advanced OAuth 2.0 authorization system with Authlete. Authlete and Scaled Access enable organizations to implement OAuth authorization servers leveraging Relationship-based Access Control (ReBAC) for API access.
  • We are hiring a DevOps engineer responsible for managing our infrastructure and code releases on public cloud platforms. Join our team to enhance our technology stack, leveraging knowledge and capabilities in your professional experience. ,

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