The Authlete OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect solution enables organizations to build secure application services and APIs faster and quicker. By relying on Authlete to provide critical security functions, developers can focus on building more powerful applications and rapidly delivering them to market.

Leveraging Authlete’s dedicated solution, developers can save weeks or months implementing and maintaining authorization functions. An authorization server can be up and running in just three clicks, giving our customers a key time-to-market advantage.

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  • A new APIs tutorial: Basics. You can learn how you can leverage Authlete to mint ID Tokens as you want! ,
  • provides a set of intuitive backend APIs carefully crafted to focus on the core of / so that you can make your own authorization server simpler and more secure. Learn with the tutorial at
  • My Data Intelligence Inc., a subsidiary of Dentsu Inc., has selected for its Personal Data Bank service “MEY” and successfully implemented IdP in just two months by leveraging Authlete’s unique architecture and intuitive APIs. See ,
  • Released authlete-csharp 1.3.0, C# library for Web APIs of , the world's first certified Financial-grade API (#FAPI) Provider (#OAuth Server) supporting MTLS, and JARM. ,
  • "Financial-grade API (FAPI), explained by an implementer", an article explaining technical details about the FAPI specification and about the world's first certified implementation by Authlete. ,

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