The Authlete OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect solution enables organizations to build secure application services and APIs faster and quicker. By relying on Authlete to provide critical security functions, developers can focus on building more powerful applications and rapidly delivering them to market.

Leveraging Authlete’s dedicated solution, developers can save weeks or months implementing and maintaining authorization functions. An authorization server can be up and running in just three clicks, giving our customers a key time-to-market advantage.

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  • RT : how cool is this easy explanation of 2.0: The Simplest Guide To OAuth 2.0 by Now I just have to add a prise of OpenID Connect to understand modern authentication,
  • We have supervised the Japanese version of "OAuth 2 in Action". The book will be an excellent guide to the complicated specs of OAuth 2.0. Will be published on 30th Jan 2019! Please check! ,
  • RT : 【勉強会】今年1月~4月に開催した OIDC 勉強会ですが、来年1月中旬に 『FAPI 勉強会(仮)』として、よりマニアックなコンテンツでの開催を予定しています。 ご興味のある方、是非こちらのグループをフォローください!  ,
  • Have you ever heard of "decoupled flow?" It's gaining momentum in UK , EU API Evaluation Group and CDR in Australia. Check out a write up by our solution strategist ! ,
  • RT : Authlete doesn't currently support that kind of replay detection / revocation, but both myself and the dev team at Authlete are paying close attention to the very interesting thread on that subject on the OAuth list.,

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