Here at Bippit, we’re on a mission to redefine money management for a digital age.

This means blowing away all the barriers, and building a set of smart services for your entire financial life. You’ll discover that budgeting, managing, saving, and borrowing can be simple, cheap, and completely transparent.

By leveraging education, efficiency, and technology, we’re providing a platform to make money management cleaner, smarter, and much better value. The high street banks and credit services have exploited customers for far too long, and the days of passing on the costs of bloated workforces, legacy technology, and expensive branch networks will soon be behind us.

We’re laying the foundations for a better way to manage finances with our mobile money app and connected Visa card. Then we’ll be helping you stay in the black, and build a better financial future with our intuitive analytics, credit score tools, smart savings, and plenty more besides.

Make sure you visit our website and sign-up for updates as we launch our platform to revolutionise money management’’

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