Not just a dashboard… more than a control centre… it’s an operating system for your money!

Manage all your finances from a single app, with AI-driven guidance and support.

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  • Work is now underway to turn our prototype into a functional app! Thanks to everyone who has participated in user testing up to this point - we'll have our heads down for the next few months, but watch this space come September when we'll be seeking our first beta users!
  • Promising news from the EU as the European Commission proposes a trusted and secure Digital Identity for all Europeans ,
  • Is the clock ticking for paper and plastic? ,
  • Why is it that people have a problem with pigeons but not with doves, despite them being basically identical (in terms of genetics)? Could it be related to the reason someone would pay interest on a credit card balance despite having money in a savings account?,
  • "Think about creating meaningful day-to-day engagement to allow customers to make smarter financial decisions." The question is, will anyone actually trust that banks are giving the right advice? ,

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