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  • Something to be aware of if you're thinking of applying for a mortgage - BNPL can be a quick and convenient alternative to credit cards, but excessive use could impact your chances of getting approved. ,
  • The Shop Small promotion is back from American Express - get £5 back when you spend £15 at participating local retailers. Just a heads up, you do need to activate the offer in order to benefit. You can do this in the "Offers" section of the app. ,
  • Having trouble with a purchase and the seller won't provide a refund? Chargebacks are a little-known benefit offered by Visa, Mastercard, and Amex that could end up saving you a whole lot of money! ,
  • Nationwide has just launched a 2% regular saver account, available for a limited time - not the 5% we were used to a few years back, but not bad considering the alternatives! ,
  • Ditch the spreadsheets and track all your accounts from one app: cash, savings, credit cards, mortgage, investments, pensions, and more Join the waitlist for priority access at

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