Not just a dashboard… more than a control centre… it’s an operating system for your money!

Manage all your finances from a single app, with AI-driven guidance and support.

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  • "We are minded to approve the application in principle" Typically understated - as one would expect from a British banking regulator - but are there any sweeter words in the English language for an early stage fintech?,
  • This is a major step towards open banking payments becoming a viable alternative to traditional payment methods. With consumers no longer needing to authorise each individual payment, self-driving money is one step closer to reality! ,
  • Work on the platform is progressing at a break-neck speed (thanks in large part to our friends at Applifting) - at this rate our MVP will be ready in no time! Be sure to sign up for early access and be among the first to gain access: ,
  • An interesting perspective on the growing trend towards fintech "super-apps"... ,
  • Work is now underway to turn our prototype into a functional app! Thanks to everyone who has participated in user testing up to this point - we'll have our heads down for the next few months, but watch this space come September when we'll be seeking our first beta users!

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