Capexmove decentralises debt capital markets by leveraging blockchain technology. Our platform allows enterprises to issue bonds on the Ethereum network.

It offers a compelling solution to the problem companies face when they need funds to grow their business, but do not wish to liquidate their blockchain assets. Capexmove enables borrowers to leverage the value of selected assets to obtain access to liquidity, and offers lenders a remunerative and secure solution to access a rapidly expanding and instantly accessible borrower base. 

Blockchain assets are divisible and instantly transferrable, unlike conventional forms of collateral. Bonds will be tokenised, and a secondary market will be provided with an all-to-all trading platform where investors will be able to trade their security-tokens. 

Capexmove’s mission is to improve enterprises’ access to the lending market while improving data quality, reducing information asymmetries, enhancing price discovery and increasing market efficiency.


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