CAPITALusM is building a platform that will let people vote the $40 Trillion worth of publicly listed company shares they own through collective investments.
A growing body of research clearly demostrates that companies which prioritize long-term sustainable strategies out perform those that don’t. In a world where company CEOs, Boards of Directors, and even Asset Managers are judged, and rewarded, primarily on the last quarter’s results, there is a clear need for a voice that focuses on the future. CAPITALusM is the mechanism that gives voice to the millions of ordinary people who invest though mutul funds, pensions, and ETFs. A voice who’s power is enshrined in company law, a voice that must be heeded in matters of corporate governance.
We believe that peopel invest to ensure more than the financial security for themselves, their children and their chldren’s children. They also want to do what they can to ensure a more just, more sustainable world where that financial security can be enjoyed. The ultimate control over a company lies with its share holders. CAPITALusM creates an environment where shareholdes can come together and use their collective voice to meanigfully impact the world they live in. Hence our strap line: Evolutionary Change – Revolutionary Effect.
We believe that the small evolutionary change that CAPITALusM allows will have a revolutionary effect on the world we live. It is not for us, or for any for profit entity to say what that change should be. That right, and the accompanying responsibity, lies with those individuals who choose to make use of the CAPITALusM platform.

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