CityFALCON is designed for traders and investors. We provide next generation, market leading solutions for a portfolio of stocks, foreign exchange and commodities.

Clients can access valuable real-time, curated news and tweets for their portfolio.

They can also find the best-spread betting / CFD broker for their portfolio based on their trading preferences, and can take advantage of tax-effective leverage trading strategies to further increase their gains.



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  • What's in and the ? Unveil the most popular topics, sectors, people, locations, and more from the last 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day. Then add the topics to your advanced watchlist for thorough CityFALCON Trending:
  • Retail traders and investors, look no further for your news API needs. Retrieve content from 5000+ sources, get a relevance score on each result, and reduce clutter with Similar Stories Grouping. Up to 100k calls per month. Personal API access:
  • $6000 giveaway for of business! $190 one-year gold plans for first 8 correct replies on Twitter: 1. How many and where are our offices? 2. Give the approximate number of topics we cover. 3. Name 5 of the 20 most popular topics on CityFALCON. 4. Why do you use CityFALCON?
  • 6 years ago a mission was born, and for 6 has it been pursued. From 1 man in a bedroom to a team of 35 in 3 countries, the ideal of democratising access to content has matured. A thank you to all employees, investors, and CityFALCON believers.
  • Proud to offer many new in the first half of #2020: Sentiment Analysis, an off-site entity extraction service, regulatory filings, multilingual similar story clustering, search by legal_ID, and personal API access! A brief overview: ,

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