Clear Factor

Clear Factor is a transparent, democratised global invoice-finance ecosystem that provides every viable SME with access to fair and affordable working capital. It disrupts an existing €2.6 trillion market and addresses an additional €2.3 trillion market of small businesses denied finance today.

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  • RT : SMEs that use the banks’ invoice finance model in desperation face rip-off fees and charges. But they often have nowhere else to turn. Clear Factor fixes this. ,
  • BUSINESS INSIGHT: The first truly borderless global invoice-finance ecosystem: any SME, anywhere in the world, can access invoice finance in any currency of its choice at a fair interest rate determined by the auction and agreed to by the SME. Info at
  • RT : Unlike the obsolete Legacy Invoice Finance products, the value in the Clear Factor ecosystem is both created and shared among its constituents. We expect the companies of the future to adopt similar models. More info at ,
  • Introducing Clear Factor by Sanjay Padhee ,
  • The Clear Factor team: built to succeed in the new era of decentralised invoice finance by ,

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