Clear Factor

Clear Factor is a transparent, democratised global invoice-finance ecosystem that provides every viable SME with access to fair and affordable working capital. It disrupts an existing €2.6 trillion market and addresses an additional €2.3 trillion market of small businesses denied finance today.

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  • Welcome to all our new followers, we're so pleased to welcome you to our community. Here is the Clear Factor Mission: To give the global SME economy access to working capital through a fair and transparent invoice financing marketplace. ⚖️
  • Do you run an SME in the UK? Then it's worth bookmarking and following them on Twitter for the latest news and advice for the UK sector.,
  • SMEs that use the banks’ invoice finance model in desperation face rip-off fees and charges. But they often have nowhere else to turn. We're here to change that.
  • As our community grows, we'd invite all our new members to view our white paper. It contains details of our vision, technical infrastructure, development roadmap and business plan. You can view it in your browser here: ,
  • For SMEs the financial crisis has never ended. Every year thousands of businesses fail, simply because the banks won’t lend. Clear Factor is here to make a change.

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