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  • The list of centralised yield providers to have halted withdrawals or otherwise signalled their deep financial distress continues to expand, with Coinflex, Babel and Finblox joining Celsius, BlockFi and Voyager in the naughty kids corner. Read more: ,
  • The collapse of LUNA-UST and 3 Arrows Capital have sent shockwaves through the rickety house of cards that was the crypto yield economy. As it turns out those unsustainable 20% APYs were, in fact, unsustainable. Read more: ,
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  • Dealing with crypto taxes can be complex at the best of times, so we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about crypto and taxes in Australia for 2022. Read more: ,
  • Two years on and DeFi has grown up, gone mainstream and – in an effort to prove that anything TradFi can do, we can do better – delivered a full-blown, GFC-style system-wide meltdown. ,

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