Our company has two distinct but tightly integrated purposes. First is our Venture Capital business, ConceptVines Ventures, it is focused on investing in early-stage disruptive technology companies. Complementing our Ventures business is our Consulting & Technology business, it is specialized in software product engineering. We build industrial strength software platforms for the high-tech startup and scale-up industry and for our Enterprise clients.

To sum up our company’s purpose and identity into a few select words, it would be VENTURE ENGINEERING. We leverage private capital to invest in innovative startups and make them a part of our solution base to drive innovation to the market.

For our portfolio companies we strive to be a full-service partner in supporting their business needs across Capital Raises, Product Strategy, Design & Engineering and a strategic Sales and Marketing partner for growing their business.

For our Enterprise clients our focus is to be seen as a strategic part of their Product Strategy and be a part of their Design & Engineering Team. Our clients have many partners ranging from Strategic Consulting to Outsourcing Services to System Integrators. ConceptVines’s primary focus is to be an Innovation and Product Engineering Partner.


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