We increase protection by providing forward-thinking transparent services for threat detection, prevention, and response. Delivering cutting edge, services, we tell a story of technologists facing change, challenge, and responsibility. 

We are a CREST accredited SOC and a HM Government G-Cloud supplier.

Our services include: MDR, SOC As A Service, Pentesting, Threat Hunting, Cyber Risk Management, Vulnerability Management, Cyber Awareness, Incident Response and Consultancy.

CyBourn is honoured to be part of the Level 39 Community. For more information on Cybourn or to arrange a meeting @ Level 39 please contact us on 

Latest Tweets from @CyBournSecurity

  • Here is our take on the infamous Log4j vulnerability Log4(S)hell in the 4th installment of the Cybersecurity Express. All aboard! ,
  • CVE-2021-44228 should be your main focus right now! Critical severity with a CVSS score of a MAXIMUM 10, this exploit allows an attacker to execute remote code using Log4j2 vulnerability. P.S. Log4j2 is literally "everywhere",
  • A new day, a new zero-day! A vulnerability, that was patched in November by Microsoft, was again exploited, this time yielding a more powerful result, giving the attacker privilege escalation to SYSTEM, in a matter of seconds. ,
  • Microsoft released it's November patch and it's one you wouldn't want to miss. It fixes 6 critical flaws and and 49 important ones in Windows, Azure, Visual Studio, Windows Hyper-V, Office and others Microsoft products. ,
  • Critical RCE Vulnerability in Linux Kernel's TIPC Module. Can be exploited locally or remotely, leading to a compromised system. This has been fixed with Linux Kernel version 5.15 ,

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