CybSafe is an intelligent, cloud-based cyber security software platform that removes dependence on tick-box security awareness training by delivering AI-curated content, targeted learning and ‘nudge’ interventions that scientifically address cyber awareness, behaviour and culture.

CybSafe uses proprietary technology and advanced data analysis to extract and present the risk metrics, measurements, indicators and insights that help information security professionals and decision makers make better decisions about human cyber risk.

This is the end to tick-box awareness training.

Underpinned by a powerful blend of data science and behavioural science, the cloud-based software platform is ideal for organisations at all levels of cyber maturity that want to positively influence (and measure) the cyber awareness, behaviour and culture of their staff.

This is the first time deep insight technology and intelligent automation has been applied to the behaviour change, risk reduction and data reporting aspects of cyber Awareness, Behaviour and Culture.


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