Darwinex is an FCA (UK) regulated broker and asset manager that pairs skilled traders with savvy investors for mutual benefit.

They scan their customer flow for systematic profit opportunities and scale them with investor capital via “DARWIN”, the evolutionary asset class. Darwinex traders enjoy competitive execution, a gamified roadmap to investable trading and regulatory cover to generate investor revenues. Investors enjoy market uncorrelated, systematic returns, with immediate liquidity and tailor made risk management, 100% online, without investment advice.

Darwinex’s agency-only policy and proprietary algorithms align customers in a P2P, evolutionary profit exchange that returns financial markets to people, for private and social good.


Latest Tweets from @darwinexchange

  • 44 New DARWINs We've listed 44 new DARWINs this week on the DARWIN Exchange. The number of active DARWINs is now 3,062. ,
  • DarwinIA February 2021 ⌛ Today's market close will reveal the winners of the February '21 edition of the DarwinIA capital allocation. We'll allocate up to € 7.5 M to 120 traders for 6 months. ⚠️ 76% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
  • Using Market Regime Filters in Systematic Trading Strategies Knowing which regimes your systematic, discretionary or algorithmic trading strategy is most effective in, will enable you to filter out trades where the probabilities are not in your favor. ,
  • Talent-Linked Pricing Darwinex rewards talent, not volume. ⚠️ 76% of retail CFD accounts lose money. ,
  • Using Trend-Following Indicators (SMA, EMA,...) in Systematic Trading Strategies Trend Following Indicators provide systematic trading systems with critical clues of when to enter a trend and when to exit. ,

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