Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning enables the automated understanding of human communication.

Digital Reasoning’s award-winning machine learning platform, Synthesys, identifies threats, risks and opportunities by transforming information into a private Knowledge Graph. Synthesys can be installed in your data center or in the cloud. Synthesys is designed to take advantage of distributed computation technologies such as Apache Hadoop and Storm; and provides distributed data storage and retrieval on multiple technologies such as Cassandra, HBase, or Accumulo.

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  • How does your organization make sense of the giant mass of structured and unstructured data? Digital Reasoning’s technology allows that to happen in extraordinary ways. See how AI reveals hidden insights about your customers
  • In a transformative era, banks retain one crucial advantage: vast volumes of customer data. allows analysts to spend more time on investigating possible breaches of regulations and codes of conduct, rather than wading through alerts
  • The #1 daily issue for Cancer Care Leaders? Workflow inefficiencies! Our PatientAI platform addresses numerous automated workflow opportunities - Nurse Navigation, Registry Automation, Clinical Trial Identification. All improving the
  • “We’ve come a long way since the wild pre-crisis days, but the battle to make banks safer and conduct better is not yet won. Our first line of attack? The 1st line of defence“ -Antony Jenkins, Founder & Executive Chairman, 10x Future Technologies ,
  • Join Tim Estes, President and Founder of Digital Reasoning, as he leads a debate on e-Communication Surveillance at the Surveillance Summit on September 17. To learn more about the Summit, visit ,

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