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Digital StartUp is a private media and events firm dedicated to the engaging the emerging markets and players in fintech, finance and banking.

Headquartered at L39, its latest magazine #DisruptionBanking chronicles the latest in trends and developments, forging a global network of communication and opportunity along the way.

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  • “If I had to bet, I’d say that this might be one of the worst that we’ve seen in recent history” Zuckerberg told workers in a weekly Q&A session, audio of which was heard by Reuters has its target for hiring engineers in 2022 ,
  • The US Federal Communications Commission authorised Musk’s to use its internet network with moving vehicles, greenlighting the company’s plan to expand broadband offerings to commercial airlines, shipping vessels and trucks ,
  • Apple said on Thursday that developers with iPhone apps distributed exclusively in the can request to use third-party payment systems instead of Apple’s in-app offering. ,
  • Meta chief product officer Chris Cox detailed the company’s financial in an internal memo that detailed key areas where the social media giant plans to invest, a spokesperson confirmed to CNBC. ,
  • The landmark law, known as Markets in Crypto-Assets, or MiCA, is designed to make life tougher for numerous players in the crypto market, including and issuers of , tokens that should be pegged to existing assets like the U.S. $ ,

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