DigitalGenius brings practical applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence into customer service operations of leading companies.

Its Human+AI Customer Service Platform combines the best of human and machine intelligence enabling companies like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Unilever, Magoosh, Joybird, Coinmama and TravelBird, to deliver on increasing customer expectations. 

At its core are deep-learning algorithms, which are trained on historical customer service transcripts and integrated directly into the contact center’s existing software (like Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, and others). When new messages come in via channels like email, live chat, social media, and mobile messaging, the DigitalGenius neural network takes the following 3 actions:

– Predicts and auto-fills all case meta-data related to the incoming message (tags, routing, etc)

– Predicts the best response to the incoming message and shows it to the contact centre agent for approval or personalisation. Upon the agent’s action, the approved message is sent to the customer, and the algorithm goes through continuous learning.

– Finally, any suggested answers above a certain confidence threshold can be automated altogether.

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