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THE PERFECT IDEA. EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE. FLAWLESS EXECUTION. We formed the building blocks of Disruptive Technologies in 2013, with a group of technology industry experts with decades of experience in low-power, high-end semiconductors. Since then, we’ve added experts in cloud computing, production and sales to create a true powerhouse of industry knowledge and a global market perspective. Together we have created a complete sensing solution that is unmatched in size, capability and price. With Disruptive Technologies, the world can truly realise the potential of the Internet of Things.

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  • As offices reopen, we’ll enter our workplaces hyper-aware of how easy it is for viruses to spread through close contact. You need to address people’s fears with innovative solutions for workplace layout, flexibility, and cleanliness. ,
  • Back in July, we launched our relative humidity sensor prototype. After many requests and successful testing and piloting, we are proud to announce our humidity sensor is available to the mass market, ready to scale. ,
  • Ever wonder what happens to all the food when restaurants lock down because of the pandemic? Within three days, a cold storage solution powered by Disruptive Technologies was implemented in all locations. The savings on their investment? 4,462.04%,
  • Tomorrow, Uwe Klatt, our VP Sales, will be participating in PlaceTech's event of the year Industrial + Logistics. Sign up here: He will be speaking about how you can use our sensors to digitally retrofit warehouses and increase operational efficiency.
  • Hospitals are the backbones of our countries, especially during COVID-19. And they need some help. Our work at NHS with our partners Infogrid is making a change. ,

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