Domineum Blockchain Solutions is a Distributed Ledger Technology Company providing Blockchain-as -a service solution.

Domineum is the first blockchain-based, public land-ownership record in history approved and backed by an official government, and executed by an international team of industry-leading experts. It was established to assist Governments and Companies integrate Blockchain into their operations.

The company’s Head Quarters is situated in London, UK, while its research and development (R&D) unit is located in San Francisco, USA, and the technology resource centre in Tallinn, Estonia.


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  • RT : 🔵 Live session today with the & Blockchain Scholarship participants, together with the amazing speakers: Evan F., Todd Price, Kevin Healy & Nicholas Bierkert. Join us on YouTube. @resseactionfree,
  • Tomorrow's Live session will feature the Team, they will be discussing the Blockchain Scholarship and the opportunities in the BSV Ecosystem. You don't want to miss this session for anything. See you by 2PM tomorrow.
  • Join me Mohammed Jega Co- Founder, Domineum and other esteemed speakers for the high profile webinar as we speak candidly about the future of the fintech industry in 2023. )
  • Domineum is proud of it's mentors and state coordinators hosting physical meetups at their various states of the Federal Government Blockchain Scholarship training sponsored by under the Ministry of communication and Digital Economy
  • Domineum Blockchain Solutions is proud to announce the official partnership with Ofure Inno-Tech Limited to host the OfureA InnoTech Summit.

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