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Doreming is a fintech-powered HR platform: the only end-to-end solution for simplifying & reducing the cost of payroll processing for labour-intensive businesses & payroll professionals, missioned to disrupt the HR management journey and to realize financial inclusion of underserved workers.

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  • A new study has looked to identify exactly how much UK SMEs should be re-investing to succeed post-Covid. It is discovered that top-performing firms re-invested an average of 9% of profits into the business, compared to 5% among the less competitive peers. ,
  • Besides government funding, there are 3 alternative options SMEs can consider to secure capital fundings, gain valuable expertise advice and experience. 1. Private Equity 2. Crowdfunding 3. Angel Investors ,
  • It is discovered that nearly 66% of the most successful small businesses in Uk have a formal, long-term vision, and it is encouraged that SMEs should formulate clear vision to respond to COVID 19. ,
  • The research found that SMEs are outperforming their own revenue expectation and preparing for recovery. Access to digitalisation is the right technology for SMEs to get ahead and it is encouraged that firms should invest in digital technology. ,
  • Barclaycard SME transaction data for the first half of Q3 has shown consistent weekly growth, and the average daily transaction value has risen by 60 per cent compared to the daily average for Q2. ,

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